'Medium-sized businesses go global'

Lawyer and executive manager, well-grounded experience, multi-lingual

this means :

  • Longterm experience and many successfully completed activities and projects dealing and in exchange with foreign business partners and enterprises:                                                       

          'We know both sides of the desk'



  • Legal advice to SME's combined with the support of the practitioner at their first steps into new markets be it
    • for German companies abroad (outbound) or
    • Foreign companies into Germany ( inbound) 
  • Teaming up with specialists and experts of different sectors we act as contactperson for the owner and/or CEO
  • Assistance in the coordination of the process and execution of necessary action during the whole process 
  • Sustainable support in building up new markets by 
    • Performance of market studies
    • Execution of benchmark studies
    • Advice in recruiting including work out of employment contracts 
    • Set-up of distribution networks and structures including the following legal work on distribution contracts, Agency agreements a.s.o. ) 

performed by:

  • Nestling in a widely ramified net of experts ( Marketing, Tax, Technical) in Germany and abroad


               Our clients love our philosophy of a 'One-stop-Service'