Establishment of foreign companies in Germany (inbound investment)

Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven

Customers like the combination between local knowledge of the market place plus a long time experience as a CEO and the necessary legal advise we are able to offer when it comes to contractual law from the very beginning, i.e. between legal and business tasks, from the  

  • Set-up of a sales- and/or distribution structure and supply chain to
  • the rental of appropriate office space for their first Rep Office to
  • the foundation of a subsidiary company in a optimal legal form regarding tax matters and/or 
  • the identification of a best match commercial property to rent or buy

Again we - and  thus our clients - profit from a fine spun network of local professional experts including banks, government authorities and specialists of very different disciplines, like international tax advisers, recruiters a.s.o.


Finally  we are situated in one of the most prosperous regions of Germany, Baden-Württemberg, where big players like Daimler, Porsche and Bosch are at home and together with thousands of SME's build a sound backbone of an intact business community with many opportunities for foreign businesses as well. This includes lowest unemployment rates and  consequently highest buying power per person all over the Federal republic of Germany.


In the following please find a model how a new market can be opened in well structured modules (keeping in mind costs) and let us discuss ...