We love our client's business
We love our client's business

Our services for individuals are focussed on civil law, particularly international family law, tenancy law as well as traffic accident settlements.

We do not do public law and criminal law. In these fields we cooperate with specialized cooperation partners.

Projects and cases relating to the portuguese and spanish speaking countries are serviced by Mrs. Marisa Santos Almeida, Advogada Portugal, who is a Portuguese native Speaker, studied at the University of Lisbon and admitted to the bar at Lisbon, Portugal. She still holds an office in Portugal and is cooperating with colleagues also in Brasil.  

In our office we also have a cooperating tax adviser.  She is specialized on individual and corporate tax in Germany.

The law firm is also concentrated on commercial and economic law and gives advise to Small and Medium sized Enterprises. 

Doing so we attach great importance on approaches that - besides legal questions - point out commercially practicable and economically reasonable solutions cashing in on our long  lasting experience in international business on both sides of the desk, i.e. as a businessman as well as lawyer and consultant.


We put a strong focus in our effort to assist investors as well as small and medium sized enterprises heading inbound Germany be it in helping to set up a sales structure, a first representative office or a subsidiary.

Our clients benefit from our rootedness in this business community and our knowledge about the marketplace, particularly when opening up new markets. 

We hold close relationships and keep short ways to all major banks and government institutions to ease our clients start-up.


Our customers also profit by a well set network of professionals of very different disciplines and specialised in projects of the said manner which even enclose strong support when dealing with rather special problems and questions.