From the practitioner to the practitioner

On his way into a globalized business world an entrepreneur or a senior manager evenly benefits from our long term experience having been a business leader as well as a lawyer.  


Our customers like being best prepared and assisted by local professionals when attacking the new marketplace.

We like to add and round up the expertise of our customers with the local legal advise and sales driven market flavour before and while we commonly attack a new business sector. 

This knowhow is generated and acquired by long term activitiy in international markets, also in difficult situations.  

We know the conditions and necessities of complex decisions to be made, sometimes within a rather short period of time from our own acknowledgement, but from numerous cases we also know many solutions and the immanent opportunities.  

Paramount maxime is our support of the client's aim to perform promising projects in joining feasibility with correctly set objectives.


Commitment, engagement for the common project and a 'hand-at-arm' mentality matching with our own  entrepreneurial spirit are indispensable.
Our customers know and appreciate this.